Leone Law, LLC is committed to keeping families safe in nursing homes and long term care facilities, and we announce that the 2013 US News and World Report Nursing Home rankings has been published.  Leone Law understands that selecting a nursing home or long care facility for a loved ones can be one of the most difficult tasks a child or spouse can perform. Leone Law recognizes that research is a must for New England families entrusted with this important decision for their loved one. This US News and World Report annual research is one resource to help families learn about the nursing homes in the greater Providence, RI and Boston, MA metropolitan areas, and Leone Law finds the 2013 US News and Word Report rankings to be an important resource for New England families.

The report classifies each nursing home by state thus making New England nursing home research easy for Rhode Island and Massachusetts’s families.

The report not only discusses how to select a nursing home, but also makes recommendations as to how New England families can consider addressing nursing home and long term care costs while guaranteeing good overall care. The study also incorporates the 9 warning signs of bad nursing home care. It is an essential study for anyone interested in placing a loved one in a facility.  There is even a link to a YouTube video on how to choose a nursing home based on this study.

Leone Law does not represent that it agrees with the rankings in all cases, and you should not rely on these rankings alone in making a decision as to where a loved one should reside.


If you are searching for a facility in the greater Providence, RI and Boston, Massachusetts metro areas please feel free to contact the Leone Law team as we can assist you in identifying a facility that meets you and loved ones needs as well as discuss other long term and nursing home needs.